Fight Attempts to Undermine America’s Aviation Workers

Airline pilots in the United States are among the most highly trained and well-qualified in the world. Hard-fought protections for jobs and safe working conditions are key to maintaining our position as the leader in aviation. But foreign airlines are looking to skirt and undercut these critical protections, putting American workers and their jobs at risk.

To prevent this, the nation’s leaders must strengthen protections to ensure a fair opportunity for the U.S. airline sector to compete globally and uphold fair labor standards. 

That’s why the Air Line Pilots Association — and 15 other aviation unions — are calling on the nation’s leaders to enfranchise rights to U.S. workers within our aviation trade agreements and put an end to unfair “flag of convenience” business practices by foreign airlines serving U.S. markets. This will protect wages and working conditions for American workers.

Help level the playing field for the U.S. aviation industry and its workers ­­– support Fair and Open Skies.

Airline pilots make our skies the safest in the world

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