Continue Support Programs to Prevent Airline Furloughs

Time is running out on airline industry employees whose jobs have been preserved through government action. Current protections expire September 30, and when they do many jobs will be in jeopardy as air travel demand continues to sag. As many as 10 million Americans count on a strong U.S. aviation industry for their livelihoods.


Unions and airlines agree – existing payroll support should be extended through March 31, 2021.

Continuing this bipartisan program will ensure: 

  • Hundreds of thousands of aviation workers keep their jobs and health insurance
  • Experienced and credentialed workers stay in the aviation sector, protecting the U.S. industry’s long-term global competitiveness
  • Airlines are poised to foster economic recovery and meet future travel demand


ALPA is seeking an extension of the program through March 31, 2021, in order to give passenger demand an opportunity to recover from historic lows experienced earlier this year due to the global health crisis. Learn more.


“Employment and healthcare are very pertinent because of my family which consists of my wife and our two small children. They rely not only on my financial stability but my healthcare stability as well… It would be a tremendous relief if our industry can get a six-month extension into March of 2021.” – Deidentified ALPA Member Pilot

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